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I have purchased a brand new Iphone Xs one week ago. At the point of purchase i installed a brand new screen protector and over that I installed a brand new rubber case. The glass screen protector has already broken. It cracked on one edge 1/4 of the way from the bottom. Nothing happened to this phone to cause this breakage. The phone was not dropped, I was not carrying keys in the same pocket, nothing bumped my pocket or phone. The glass has cracked a whole 1/8 of the screens area. | I contacted the company to claim a lifetime warranty. The company requested that I pay for the replacements shipping both ways. I do not think this is a fair request because the item was defective. I initiated a chat on their web-page, and was told the shipping was not a cost for repair. The cost is to ship the item. I offered to pick one up locally from the many retailers and was denied. | I requested they send a coupon to cover the cost of a replacement and they denied. | The manufacturer has agreed to ship the item at their cost if I send a copy of my receipt and photographs of the damaged item. I agreed to that, and i sent the requested documentation. The manufacturer has not responded to my emails. I have since sent an email to the customer care manager and the CEO, I have not given them adequate time to respond however I am still unhappy. | I have read 7 reports here, and multiple other reports on other websites such as amazon and it seems the manufacturing defect is a known issue. Most of the reports on this website and others show the merchandise either lasts for a long time and is damaged due to customer mishandling, or the product breaks almost immediately. I know the screen protector was not miss-installed because the manufacturer sends an installation jig. I know the screen protector was not miss-installed on dirty glass, because it was brand new. | My request is that the manufacturer accept this defect in manufacturing and therefore add to their warranty that they accept all replacement requests within the first 30 days free of charge shipping or otherwise.

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