A & A Wrecker & Recovery LLC

A & A Wrecker & Recovery LLC Review

Report Filed: A & A Wrecker & Recovery LLC Angel Mora These towers are in cahoots with the McDonald’s at Lamar and Barton Springs – they gave me permission to park there for 20 minutes while I went to help my 15 yr old daughter who was stranded at the ti Austin, Texas!!

I was given permission to park at McDonalds for 20 minutes while I walked across the street to help my daughter. The Supervisor was standing there behind the counter when I asked the girl who I BOUGHT MY FOOD FROM if I could park there for just a short time. He never said anything even when he looked at me! I was gone for 18 minutes. The Supervisor had called the towing company to come get my car. A & A wreckers were rude and ugly. The man with the truck said “Too bad b***h! Call the number and figure it out”” The woman thing at the towing agency is rude and greedy. She made me stand outside in a bad neighborhood for 30 minutes to draw up paperwork. She wouldn’t allow me to come sit inside. They charged me $194 for having my car less than 2 hours total. This Supervisor at this McDonald’s has to be in cahoots with A & A Wrecker. What they are doing should be recognized as illegal. To come into our country and rip people off is bad karma. They are sure racking it up. Owner Mr. Angel Mora really needs to rethink what he’s doing. It is really

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