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Report Filed: A Master Mechanic Sparks Nevada Sheri A Master Mechanic Located in Sparks Nevada I am beside myself how the woman ,Sheri, running things can call me incompetent have the nerve to not release my car and still try to make herself right in all this. Never bring any vehicle to these Sparks, Nevada!!

1. A Master Mechanics offered free diagnoses with my GMC pickup I brought into their shop in the past. When I called A Master Mechanics regarding my 1979 Oldsmobile they were asking for a $115.00 plus tax fee for the diagnoses. I knew the problem was the distributor that needed to be replaced, so there was no needfor the diagnoses and the owner Shari Pheasant knew this before having her employees work on my vehicle. Because a mechanic who was at my house rebuilt the distributor incorrectly. 2. When I called A Master Mechanics initially Shari Pheasant gave a great sales pitch to me stating they give back to the community and how they expanded their business to the front row of the complex so they were more noticeable for business. 3. I entrusted in Shari Pheasant because she made her company seem like they cared and that they were there for the community and seemed eager to help with my car so I had my vehicle towed to their mechanics shop. After my vehicle was towedto their shop they in return charged me $115.00 plus tax for a diagnoses on my vehicle. 4. A Master Mechanics swapped the whole distributor including the coil pack insteadof replacing the parts that were needed to fix the vehicle. 5. During the time A Master Mechanics had my vehicle in their shop Shari Pheasant was very difficult to work with, she would not listen to reason from me when it came to my vehicle. When I called Master Mechanics to find out what the cost of the vehicle would be I was in shock the price was $509.00 I explained to Shari Pheasant that was to high of an amount to charge someone to replace the distributor. She then continued to give me a bad time on the phone so I asked for her to contact my wife Vanessa Mesi. When Shari Pheasant called my wife she started the conversation out very pleasant until my wife explained to her that the amount they were charging was more than what we were expecting and that if they had told me the price from the beginning I would have never accepted that. Shari Pheasant told my wife she did let me know the exact amount and that I signed paper work acknowledging the price, when I never signed anything accept filled out my contact information and that was it. Shari then became agitated with my wife and would not allow her to speak and threatened to have the distributor taken out of the vehicle and would eat the cost of the labor and for me to just pay the $115.00 plus tax for the diagnoses. When my wife called me back to explain the conversation she had with Shari Pheasant I was shocked. 6. Shari Pheasant from A Master Mechanics would not release my vehicle to me because I was refusing to sign A Master Mechanics illegal documents that were not pertinent to my vehicle since they removed everything they had done to my vehicle. There for I could not understand the importance of her wanting me to sign a form when they refused to work the issues out with me regarding my vehicle not to mention removed all work they did on my car. 7. Shari Pheasant knew that my vehicle did not run and wanted my vehicle out of there shop by 5pm that day. When I arrived to the shop a mechanic named Matt called Sharis husband Jeff Pheasant and Jeff asked for me to be sent to the back of the shop where my vehicle was located. Jeff asked for me to inspect my vehicle because they assumed I would damage my classic 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass. I explained the vehicle looked like there was no damage and Jeff then asked for me to sign two pages on a contract that had to do with warranty when that did not pertain to me due to their business refused service. Jeff explained to me that if I did not sign his contract they were not willing to release my vehicle to me. I then called my wife Vanessa Mesi and asked for her to speak with Shari Pheasant. When Shari walked into the office she stated to me she had work to do and had no time for me. I explained to Shari I had things to do to. My wife was on the phone waiting for Shari to speak with her and during this time Shari started screaming at me and called me incompetent and were not competent enough to make the decisions for your vehicle to be worked on because you have to contact your wife and was screaming at me to hang up the phone so I had no witness to how she was treating me in her office, only her husband and office staff. After Shari stopped screaming she got on the phone with my wife and started out really nice and then started getting extremely agitated with her and would not allow my wife to talk to try and resolve the problem. Shari Pheasant then hung up on my wife. I then started to push my vehicle to the street because Shari was persistent for me to get my vehicle off of their property and then 4 gentlemen from their shop decided to help me push my car out onto the main street knowing the car was not registered in hopes a police officer would see it and give me a ticket while waiting for a tow truck to bring my vehicle back to my house. 8. A Master Mechanics hits customers with large surprising bills. They first stated free estimates but when the car arrives by tow they now want $115.00 plus tax for estimates and then surprise you with a bill of $509.00. 9. ShariPheasant carried out screaming verbal confrontation to abusive levels. 10. Shari Pheasant told me she was personally going to contact every mechanic shop inSparks and Reno and ask them to not ever accept me as their customer or work on any vehicle of mine and was going to tell them I am incompetent and incoherent that I had to have my wife handle my business and stated I called them for 3 days all day long. 11. Shari Pheasant stated to me she took photos of my car in case I left their and vandalized my own car. 12. Shari stated she was too busy to speak with customers because she had paperwork to do that needed to be turned in on Monday July 2, 2012 and claimed I tied up to much of her time. 13. Shari also threatened to call the police on me in which I invited her to because she was holding my car hostage because I at the time was refusing to sign her paperwork that did not pertain to me. Again, they did nothing but remove the work they said they did on my vehicle. 14. When I called A to Z Mobile Mechanic to my home he stated whoever put the spark plug wires in and tie wrapped them were inexperienced because it causes a parasitic electrical noise to the adjoining wires and distributor. Also, the factory firing order was incorrect in addition the spark plug wires were installed in reverse order counterclockwise. Because the oil pump moved up A to Z Mobile Mechanic seated the distributor back into position with the number one facing to the left front of the motor. When I received my car back from A Master Mechanic it had been altered to the number one facing to right front of the motor (see photo for OEM specifications). On 6/28/2012 A to Z installed a new distributer and witnessed this alteration. A Master Mechanic claims to use only OEM parts and stay to OEM specifications this was found not to be true. It is noted on A Master Mechanics paperwork the wrong engine size and type is incorrect listed as a 5.7 350 and the correct engine saize and type is a 305 5.0. A Master Mechanic not only have the oil pump that drives the distributer wrong but also plugged the spark wires wrong into the distributer going counter clockwise. There is no way the car could run in this fashion also A to Z mobile mechanic witnessed this, in addition A to Z Mobile mechanic could see every spark plug was gas fouled from attempted starts trying to get the car to run. Gas fouled plugs causes a car not to run as well or not in a good state.15. From previous experiences I have had free estimates and no charge situations, since A Master Mechanics expansion and economy their concern for customers has depleted tremendously several online complaints reflect this issue 16. After finding out that Shari Pheasant was going to have her mechanics remove all work that was done to my vehicle by their shop I contacted the DMV to find out what my rights were and the laws regarding a contract with a shop charging $509.00 without a contract and DMV explained to me that the most they could charge was $50.00 without a contract. I also contacted the local BBB to ask them the same question and they stated I could file a complaint and ask DMV. I then sent a faxed letter to A Master Mechanics with the NRS Codes that DMV provided to me regarding the charges on my vehicle without a signed agreed contract. Shari Pheasant at that point decided to remove everything their shop had done to my vehicle and treated me horrible. Please see letter I sent to A Master Mechanics attached. Shari Pheasant also told my wife that she would call the BBB, DMV and Chuck Brown from Champion Chevrolet to let them know how she resolved the problem. 17. I do not understand how A Master Mechanics came up with the amount of $509.00 when A to Z Mobile Mechanic charged $120.00 which took him 30 minutes to do and my car runs great. 18. Please see copies of A to Z Mobile Mechanics receipts. 19. Please see copies of A Master Mechanics contract I refused to sign because I did not agree to the contract at that point Shari Pheasant took my keys and would not release my vehicle to me. When I contacted the local Sparks Police Department they told me that it was a civil matter they do not get involved in cases as such I was forced to sign the paperwork so I could get my vehicle back because they were going to charge me $30.00 a day for storage as long as my vehicle was on their property. Shari Pheasant was also going to call a tow truck to have m car towed to impoundment so I would have to pay for that tow and the storage fees with another company.

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