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Report Filed: Aall Tech Transmissions Perry Sahota, Bill Sidhu Fraudulent Transmission Repair Service Burnaby!!

I had transmission problems with my car. The 5th gear repeatedly pops out while driving on the highway, particularly up slight inclines. I took the car to Canadian Tire first but the autoshop does not deal with transmissions. On their reference as good transmission experts, I went to Aall-Tech Transmissions in Burnaby.A couple days later, I received a call with a diagnosis and estimate for ~3500. I went ahead with the repair on the recommendation of the owner of the shop because he thought the engine still had life left in it. I picked up the car about a week later. The first time I took it out on the highway, the car popped out of 5th gear… despite having spent a small fortune to repair this problem at Aall-Tech.I talked to the owners at Aall-Tech several times over the next 6 months. They repeatedly told me that they could not find the problem with the car, despite the gear popping out very frequently when I drive it.I finally got Aall-Tech to admit that the gear was popping out. They took it into their shop and I trusted them to stand behind their work and their warranty and repair the car since they did not fix it the first time. Instead, they asked for more money!! They said they would throw in labour for free, as if they were doing me a favour for not having fixed it the first time.Going to Aall-Tech was a huge mistake. The shop does not stand behind its work, does not do quality repairs, and does not honour their warranty.

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