Abandoned America Age of Consequences

Abandoned America Age of Consequences Review

Report Filed: Abandoned America Aka Amazon book called Age of Consequences by Matthew Chistopher by a cheap known name publisher/scam artist named Jonglez FRAUD. RIP OFF. SCAM. CON ARTIST. Philidelphia, Pa Internet!!

Ordered a book called Abandoned America Age of consequences from Amazon supposed to show abandoned parts of America but only showed 3 states. Most of which was the same state. When asked why he doesn’t travel all over the country like the most popular abandoned photographer artist need Seph Lawless (Not his real name but friends with author Joseph Melendez) the author got upset. Matthew Christopher told me to ‘go f*** my mother’ really classy. I saw a long list of Matthew Christopher aka abandoned America harassing people of Facebook. His account suspended multiple times for bullying young girls and teens. Morally reprehensible. The book is horrible. It’s a fraud. It’s a lie. He’s selling a poorly done photobook under a lie and a myth. It’s fraud in the worst way imaginable. The book looks like a child made it. Hard to read text and bad photographs. DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING THIS BOOK.

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