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Report Filed: Absolute REO Solutions This company charged to mt credit card without my authorization Chicago, Illinois!!

I had signed up with this company last year as they promised work in the REO / BPO field in regards to Real Estate. They promised that if there was no work received from them you could request to get your money back with no questions asked.I waited months and received nothing, called them and requested that I receive my $295.00 back from them, and all of a sudden I received an order from them for $50.00, was promised the listing when the property was foreclosed on, it never happened.I called them back and told them that I wanted my refund, they refused, stated that I received an order from them, that they filled the obligation that they promised.I then told them to discontinue any further contact with me, to take me off the vendor list etc.never heard from them again until this morning when I was alerted by my credit card company that they charged $295.00 to my card for a new years woth of membership. This was done without my consent and I am now fighting the charge with my credit card company.I have called the offices of this company several times today and sent several emails to them with no response.I have since read numerous bad things in regards to this company and how many other people have had the same type of things happen to them.

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