Accurate Autoworks, Jon Smalldridge

Accurate Autoworks, Jon Smalldridge Review

Report Filed: Accurate Autoworks, Jon Smalldridge Run from this place. Charged my triple the amount and the owner threatened to do illegal things Pasadena California!!

Do NOT bring your car here, and here is why and my experience:Went to a late lunch in Pasadena and then my starter went out. My usual guy in Sherman Oaks was 25 miles away and closed so I had the car towed to Accurate based on these yelp ratings. Brought it in, signed paperwork, etc, and they said they’d give me an estimate the next day. no problem. jon the owner seemed nice enoughi called my guy in sherman oaks the next day to see how much the repair would cost because i had never been to accurate auto before and was curious what they’d say. the quote from my usual guy in Sherman Oaks: $190. Accurate calls me back. Their quote: $550! (almost 3 times as much!) Ed, the guy on the phone tries to tell me they use superior parts, blah, blah. (my guy had a year guarantee on the part btw, so I’m sure it worked fine). I told them NO THANK YOU and paid for a tow to take the car to my usual place the next morning. Ed tells me i owe them $110 for the diagnostic! Now, i understand that some places charge you for EVERYTHING, but those are usually the scheister places that Jon the owner was criticizing when I dropped the car off earlier. Even calling YELP a scam (notice to YELP in case you want to put this review on the top) However, don’t you usually get a FREE QUOTE so you know if you want to get the work done there? So i had to pay $110 just for the quote and no work. I tell Ed this is ridiculous, and he actually agrees with me and feels bad. I give him my CC info over the phone (remember this for later) and says he’ll email me docs to sign (since I obviously can’t come in because my car is there and I don’t want to pay $25 each way for UBER just for that). Ed THEN tells me that he’ll just email me as soon as they open in the morning. NOTE: at THIS point I’m a bit MORE skeptical because my tow driver is supposed to be there just after they open, shouldn’t we get the paperwork done NOW?NEXT MORNING. Accurate opens at 8am. no paperwork. finally 10am, I get some docs for me having to pay the $110 for the “quote”” and IMMEDIATELY sign and send them back. 10 minutes later i get a call fro the tow driver. he’s there and he PAID THE $110 out of his own pocket because they wouldn’t release the car to him because they said I didn’t pay!Jon got on the phone and got belligerent. I told him to check his email and see my signed documents and that i had paid the night before and to ask Ed. Jon kept making excuses and saying he didn’t get my CC info

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