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Report Filed: ACS Payday Loans FRAUD and SCAM!!

I have received several harassing phone calls and emails from a company called ACS Payday Loans. The phone calls state I owe over $900 due to a loan I NEVER applied for or received! The email states they are suing me and my social security number has been sent to the Goverment and I have 48hrs to respond! They use a different phone number everytime they call and there’s not a mailing address attached to the emails, just a phone number(347-670-4001). I have read several Fraud and Scam articles about this company. The complaints consist of the exact same information I experienced with this company. ie: I owe money due to a payday loan(from a person who speaks BAD english and I will be sued). The email is the exact same letter I consumer sent in that was filing a complaint. How can this company be STOPPED and reported to Federal officials?

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