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Report Filed: Admiral Nissan ripoff didn’t do the requested work and lied and said they did will not honor nissan factory warranty and will not honor the magnuson-moss warranty act. Pleasantville New Jersey!!

Ok well two weeks ago I put my mada in the shop for the brake fix and sqeaking dash board. I get my mada back and they fixed the brakes but then told me that they couldn’t fix the squeaking dash because of my aftermarket radio. I explained to the guy that the squeak was there before I added the radio and the noise is coming from behind the drivers portion of the dash. He tells me that it is hard for him to get the company to justify the fix because I have a aftermarket stereo. He says that the dash was taken apart for them to install the radio. I told him he is wrong and the only thing that was takin off was the radio bezel and even that part was bought from courtesy parts nissan, and that is no reason to not honor the warranty. So i left it alone and lived with it. Today TB posted some good info about the magnuson-moss warranty act. So I took the time out to read the whole thing and decided that I should take my truck back and make them fix this issue as well as a few other noise and sqeaking issues. First I contacted nissan consumer affairs and confimed that i was in the right. I spoke with a lady named jessica and she said she cant see why they didnt fix it, so with that in mind i took it to the dealed and tolds her i will contact her again to let her know the outcome. She opened a claim and told me to let her know afterward and she will get on there tails. I get there and and tell them im getting wind noise from the rear lift gate as well as the front windows rattling and my power mirror buttons not lighting up at night, also the infamous dash squeak that sounds like a bunch of mice making out in my dash. Well I call them and they said my truck is ready so I say did you fix the sqeak and they said well thats the problem and as soon as he said that i cut him off and said I contacted nissan consumer affairs then they cut me off and put me on hold then this jackass gets on the phone and says my truck will be ready on tuesday???huh i thought it was ready now. He said that I can pick it up now but all the stuff they ordered will be in on tue. So bring it back on that day. The guy told me he replaced the rear seal for the lift gate and fixed the buttons for now and also replaced some crap in the windows. Anyway the dude also told me that again he cannot honor the warranty on the dash because i have a aftermarket stereo and then he said i also have aftermarket speakers in the doors also???huh?? I told him that the only thing that was replaced was the headunit and the speakers are still the crappy factory bose one’s and who ever told him that is a fawkin liar. Then thats when the rage began. Ke said that any time somebody changes amything aftermarket the warranty voids so i cursed him out made a big scene and then told him he is a tru a******, because i contacted nissan consumer affairs and they were already aware that my truck was there and i have a aftermarket stereo and they said that they have to fix it if the stereo isnt causing the problem. So I guess the guy must of thought I was lying about the nissan corp thing and thats when I hit him with the ref.# and the ext. of the person I talked to lucky for one of use it was 5:00 and they were closed. So anyway I take my poor mada home and notice that the noises was still there and my lights did not light up stll. So I remembered that the dude said he replaced the rear lift gate seal so P thought P should check to see if they really did it and guess what they didn’t, actually they didnt do crap just hold my baby hostage and noe my power lock button sticks and its to late to call and rage on anyone so tommorrow. I am going to have the biggest rage feast I ever had in my life and tonight im spamming every business bureau and Ripoff Scams website I can find to exoplain how the p*s*ys played me out. I know this post is long and trust me for anyone who lives near this dealership dont mess with them they are bad news and scammers and I’m short of knocking one of them out for wasting my time William atlantic city, New JerseyU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Nissan

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