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Report Filed: affordable automotive equipment sold me faulty equipment and won’t stand behind it Orlando Florida!!

Back in may I bought a refurbished alignment machine for my shop. On the day it was delivered it was installed and would not work. They took the equipment back to their shop and two days later brought it back. When it came back it came on line, but would not read the left side of the car. They sent someone out to get the heads off the machine and took them back too their shop in Orlando again. two days later they came back with the heads and when I tried to use the machine the batteries were dead. The machine was not charging. I hard wired the machine to get it to work and again it would not read the left side. I called them again and they sent the salesman out and with instructions over the phone he got the batterys to charge and fixed a signal problem to the heads. After he left I again tried to use the machine and again it would not read the left side. I called them again and here comes the salesman again. He basically was clueless as to what to do. He said he would have someone come pick up the machine and take it back to orlando. I became quite obvious to me that they had no idea how to fix it so I told them I would have the Hunter Engineering tech come out and fix it. When he came out he verified that the machine was outdated and knew how to fix the problem, Which he did. I used the machine one time and it worked finally and I actually did an alignment with it. The next day I came in, wen’t to do an alignment and the machine would not power up. The old and outdated tower I believe died. Again I called them and talked someone named Dale. he told me he wasn’t going to fix it, that it was hit by lightning, called me a son of a b***h, told me to f*** myself and hung up. I paid over six thousand dollars for what was supposed to be a refurbished machine and in 5 months have been able to do one alignment and now it’s junk. Dale also before he cussed me out told me to call the leasing company that I bought it from. I did that because I thought maybe I missed something here. They were very nice and told me they had nothing to do with the equip they were just the bank, which I agree with. They did say they would try to help me but I don’t know what they can do. bottom line is I soent over $6000.00 to add alignment services to my shop and all I have to show for it is a large debt and antique useless junk. I thought I was dealing with a reputable company but it is very obvious that they are liars and thieves. I am stuck here as I don’t have another $4000.00 to put into this machine to update it like I was told it was. I still have to make the monthly payment with no way to generate the extra money. I have beeen had.

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