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my wife was abducted by two armed men who claimed to be employed by alda pauline bail bonds.they said that they were bounty hunters hired by paulines bail bonds.they said pauline had revoked her bond. my wife never missed a court date, an appointment, or a phone call.when these men took my wife, she was no more than 10 minutes from the very courthouse that she was obligated to.she was within 20 minutes of the weld jail,however they chose to take my beutiful 24 year old wife to the hampton inn for 10 hours or more.she was taken at aprx.10 p.m. and she was booked into the weld jail at about 8 a.m. i have confirmed all of this with the jail and the motel.when i tried to look into all of this,alda pauline told me that she would have me put in jail if i continued to pursue the matter.i have recording of that phone conversation.very profane.i have learned that my wife was shackled to a bed and assaulted repeatedly by these men over a 10 hour period.i have contacted weld sheriff,evans police,and the weld county district attorney. none of these agencies seem very interested.we fear we will find ourselves charged with something as pauline threatend. my wife has confirmed that she was hurt very badly. i am angry about the 1300.00 that pauline stole from us,however i am insane with the thoughts of what those two did to my wife while she was shackeled to the bed at the hampton.if anybody has a helpful suggestion,please,i beg you to reply.thank you very much.

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