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Alpha Warranty Services, INC Review

Report Filed: Alpha Warranty Services, INC Vehicle Warranty Company that does not honor signed contract Draper, Utah!!

On August 4, 2009, my boyfriend and I purchased an extended warranty for our BMW. We orignally contacted CarChex after some research on the Internet. The representative did state that they use a third party warranty company Alpha Warranty Servies, and we were informed that they are an excellent service and we will have no problems. The contract states that the warranty takes affect 30 days AND 1,000 miles after purchase. We specifically asked the question if something goes wrong on the 31st day will they honor it. He said yes no questions asked as long as you also meet the mileage requirement. So it seemed like a good investment. We then had a contract emailed to us, read it over, asked our questions and purchased it for $4,179.00. I would also like to mention that the warranty was purchased in full. We were also told that we will be receiving a $100.00 gas card (which we have yet to receive, surprise surprise). Last week the navigation system stopped working on the BMW. Because we met the stipulations of the contract (warranty must be 30 days old AND must have 1,000 miles more from the time of purchase) we assumed we would have no problem bringing the car in for service. A few hours ago we received a phone call from the service advisor at the dealership explaining that our claim was denied by the warranty company. After asking why would it be denied the service advisor was told by Alpha Warranty Services they FEEL that this was a pre-exisiting condition. In turn, the dealership explained that the BMW was there on 8/3/09, one day before the warranty was purchased and this was not a pre-existing condition. The dealership faxed over proof to Alpha Warranty Services clearly showing that it was not an issue at that date. After review Alpha contacted the service advisor and the claim was “reviewed and denied because we FEEL it was a pre-existing condition.”” I then contacted Alpha to inquire further about the denied claim

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