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Report Filed: amc links lazy sh*tty customer service lehi Utah!!

amc links is an appraisal management company that all mortgage brokers like me and even banks are required to use to order our appraisals. this is due to recent government regulations that prohibit us from influencing the appraisal process. the really screwed up part of this is that i as a mortgage broker am regulated. the appraisers are regulated. but NOBODY regulates these appraisal management companies. 12 years ago when i started the appraisers charged 350.00 for an appraisal. then the prices crept up to 450 which isn’t bad over 12 years. however, 4 years ago with the feds changed the rules and i cannot choose the appraiser or negotiate the fee for my clients anymore. AMC’s (appraisal management company) now do that. they charge 475 foran appraisal and the appraiser only gets 325 of that so the AMC makes 150.00 just to order the appraisal. most of them like AMCLINKS don’t even have appraisers on staff and can barely read an appraisal. they don’t even cut off bad appraisers. i had one appraisal that was so inflated even i caught it and said there would be a desk or field review which there was and the appraisal got cut from 117k to 85k. it was so obivious even a moron could have caught it. so what does AMCLINKS do??? they give my next appraisal to the very same appraiser who screws up that one too. bad appraisers are one thing but lately they’ve got worse. when i order an appraisal for some areas of TN they send an email out less than 24 hours later saying they’ve contacted numerous appraisers and they need to charge my client 100-150 more because of the area its in. what really is happening is these jackasses send out a massive email to every appraiser in east TN and don’t bother to see how far they are from property. then instead of picking up the phone and using a search engine to find an appraiser in that city they just try to convince you to hit your client up for more money. they couldn’t find an appraiser in Greenville TN but i found 5 in 20min. they ended up using one that i found. now they have one in Newport Tn and in 21 hours they come back with the need more money song. then after i complain Nathan says he’s found someone who can do it for the 475. so i order the appraisal on 10/2 and by 10/4 i am told they have someone. great job…right?? what Nathan neglects to mention is the guy is not approved yet and he’s out of town for a week and won’t be able to have appraisal done til maybe 10/17. he neglects to mention this because the jacka** have NEVER even picked up a phone and called the appraiser. remember now they get 150.00 just to find and order an appraisal. that is there ONLY job. a idiot could do this but Brenda Sanchez who got this file couldn’t do it. my acct rep Nathan couldn’t do it. their operations manager James Isbel couldn’t do it. on the conference call James Isbel gets caught in a lie and says they have spoke to the appraiser but per the appraiser they never called and i believe him because nobody at AMCLINKS knew he was out of town for the week. he didn’t even accept the order the 10/9 a week after i ordered it. i will give AMCLINKS credit for one thing. they can zap a clients credit card quickly. btw there motto on the website is “INSANELY FAST””. i guess that refers to collecting payment. in the end James Isbel gives 3 choices….1`. cancel order and go to the other management co. the lender allows us to use. 2. cancel order and pay 100 more for rush job 3. accept the sh*tty service. if i had known the truth i would have gone to the other managment co. on 10/4 however Nathan is a lying piece of s**t. so in then end for any loan officers out there i would recommend using anyone but AMCLINKS. they get 150 to order an appraisal and they can’t even use a phonel i will be sending the 3 stooges Brenda Nathan and Jim an instruction book on how to use a phone. it goes something like this. 1. pluck thumb out of a** 2. google search appraisers in the area you are having difficulty in 3. CALL THEM ON THE PHONE!!!! 4. FOR 150 BUCKS TAKE CARE OF THE CLIENT!!!! BECAUSE YOU PROBABLY ONLY HAVE TO DO THAT LESS THAN 10% OF THE TIME. 5. when you get an order in a new area sign up more than one appraiser you jacka**es. btw …i should mention…they are in Utah so you can’t reach them during normal business hours if you’re on the east coast.”

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