American Choice R.V.

American Choice R.V. Review

Report Filed: American Choice R.V. Shady Sales and Service All Around! Ocala Florida!!

So, my fiance and I decided to purchase a travel trailer. We had been looking online and found the exact one we wanted and at a decent price. We drove to American RV where we were told the the trailer we wanted was not on the lot, but they would be willing to show us others. We explained what we DID NOT want and were shown everything we DID NOT want. Then when we were about to leave, we were told they ‘found’ the one we were looking for, but it was being used as for a film shoot for CMT. We were able to look at the trailer, but only for 5 minutes. Knowing it was the one we wanted, we went ahead and did the financing paperwork. We went from them needing 5% down to 10% down in a matter of 30 minutes. Then we were told because it was Saturday the banks were already closed and we would have wait until Monday for final confirmation, yet they already charged us the 10% down. Before leaving, we asked about having our truck wired for the brake controller, 7-pin, and weight distribution system for the trailer. We were told 3 times, including by one of the owners, the price for all of the above was $750.00. Not too bad, and it would keep us from having to drive all over town to get what we needed. On Monday my fiance recieved a call that we were approved, yet we needed to come up there as soon as possible to sign the paperwork or the trailer could be sold out from underneath us, even with our deposit already paid! She went up there on Wednesday and signed the paperwork. We also had issues she wanted addressed prior to us taking delivery of the trailer. We also told them we had another week-and-a-half before our work schedules allowed us to pick up the trailer. On the following Monday (the week we were to finally get our trailer) we received a phone call and were told the price estimate for the work on the truck was wrong and it would be $1,600.00 for everything (4 hours labor just for the install of the brake controller and 7-pin). Yeah, they can go f**k themselves, so I called U-Haul and they quoted me $236.00 for the brake controller and 7-pin. Then I called American Choice f-nuts and priced the trailer weight distribution system which was quoted as roughly $450.00. During this time, we received another call back and were told they lowered the price of the entire package to $900.00 (awww, don’t we feel special). Needless to say I scheduled with U-Haul to do the install on the truck. I then called back to American Choice f**knuts and was told the weight-distribution system and install on it would be…wait for it…$750.00!! I asked how that was the case since our original quote was $750.00 including a brake controller and install before the new quote of $1,600.00. The lady was stumped and I spoke with the service manager. Well, Larry and I hashed out exactly what I needed and then he chicken-s* like put her back on the phone to tell me the price was $750.00. I ordered a better system than what they would have put on my trailer for $175.00 from Adventure You should try it, great prices! Anyway, we went on 11/7/15 to take delivery of our trailer and they had requested we be there at 0830 hours. Yeah, again, go f* yourself, we got there at 0930. Upon our arrival our trailer was under the detail cover and…yep, still being cleaned inside!! At about 1030 we started our walk-through of the trailer to take delivery. During this time we noticed a trim piece had been just thrown on there with staples and since they can’t hit the broad side of barn, there was wood putty and paint where the staples had come through the front facing trim piece. We then discovered new scratches on the interior of our trailer. The outside had a nice gouge on the window trim on one of the slide outs. The door to the outside entertainment area was unable to be locked because the latches were defective (apparently that was a “manufacturer’s defect””) and the gauge on the propane tanks showed one of the tanks as empty when it was actually full. There was no cap on the drain pipe

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