America's Driving Force

America's Driving Force Review

Report Filed: America’s Driving Force , Conley, Ga It’s a trap to steal money Conley Georgia!!

I went there to start my class , look around the place and its dirt the trucks is old look crap some mirror is broken have a little piece left ,when we shift some times jam etc , so I did pay cash $2,400 for start for 3 weeks class , after 8 or 1 week and 2 days half of program , I don’t improve on my maneuvers so I decide to quite so after be there for while I don’t fell secure to start driving a big truck , so. whent to office and talk to Mr director he told me they don’t return any money back , the school is there and able to training me bla bla bla , so I have $1,200 left I couldn’t get and it’s have a name call theft,, I pay this money from my own pocket not from any tuition, however still waiting for some day get my money back ,may have to go court for smal claims , whish some day the own of school can call to resolve this matter and not a employe ,if not this people is a scam to steal your money ,don’t go there find better place to learn ,clean and with new trucks not a junk like they have

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