americas home place macon ga.

americas home place macon ga. Review

Report Filed: americas home place macon ga. the biggest night mare ever macon , Georgia!!

word can not say what i feel about america’s home place they told me my home would be complete in 60 days well i am in month number four and still not close to be in my home the workmanship of the home is the worse i have ever seen the contractor and and sale person all stick together to rip you off i lost everything i had and for them to take from me like this is mind blowing. they mess up my kitchen and had they sink and custom counter area looking into my 1/2 bath and they made me foot the bill the yard they had a huge slope in it but they odd thing is is that they simply don’t care about their home owners they want you to take whatever they give you. my ceicyeling are messed up , paint job awful,they took a magic marker and covered the defect in my kitchen cabinets the lies that they tell you with such conviction my God how can a company stay in business this long doing this kind of shady work. i have hired a layer to fight for me i only was to have two A/C BUT They install three without my permission and A H M think i’m gonna take it!!!! only the good Lord have helped me get this far in the never ending nightmare, the hard wood floors that i up graded toO AND PAID SO MUCH MONEY FOR HAVE BUCKLED UP THEY CALL IN AND INDEPEDENT FLOORING PERSON SO THEY CAN GET THEIR MONEY BACK WHICH HELD ME UP ANOTHER TWO WEEKS HELPPPPPPPP!!! THE BIGGEST LIARS DANNY ,JIM BOBBIT, CHRIS STRAWN LORD HELP THEIR SOUL BUT I PROMISE YOU IT WILL NOT END HERE. WE MUST STAND TOGETHER TO FIGHT THIS WE DO LIVE IN THE u>s>a RIGHT

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