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Report Filed: Ammco Transmission ScAmmco Transmissions ” Were We Distroy your Transmissions”& Send You Out With a Tow Truck Jersey City, New Jersey!!

I went to AMMCO Transmissions to have my 2002 745i BMW checked for a Fail Safe light. I drove my car to the Auto Shop. They kept my car for 3 weeks after i notice The Service Mngr Ali & Victor were just telling me anthing to get me off the phone i went over to the shop my car was still sitting on the Lift. I told the Service Mngr I wanted my car back because they couldent fix it . The owner Lou came out screming and yelling get out of his shop … wow… i called the police and asked to have my car returned about 3 hours later they did release the car ..but i still had to Pay for Parts That were never installed or changed .SHAM SHAM SCAM …I will Never recomened or Bring any BMW to there Shop & be carefull they will charge you 1 price and 2 days later you will pay more.. No later then 1 month later you will be back with the same problems and they will charge you again they will just say its something else …..They also claim they dont take checks …i wonder why i spoke to someone at Consumer Affairs they told me to pay with a check & in the Memo section to put “Paying under Duress””.they also claim they dont take money orders neither because they dont want to have any Papper trails……..But its funny that AMMOCO Franchise has a program called EPS 90 were they take the money from your checking Account with in 90 days ……Google EPS 90 AMMCO …..The owner Lou Says they do not take checks so i guest this is a scam program to Sham Sham Sham”

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