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Report Filed: AnB Classic Cars Dan Honahan Sold a Lemon Car to us and pretty much don’t want anything to do with us now. Absolutely Ripped us off. Malone, New York!!

We recently purchased a 1966 Pontiac GTO from this dealer in Malone New York and had it imported to Australia where we live. We have documentation from the dealer and from an independent inspection company on the quality of the vehicle and this is why we bought it. Once it arrived in Australia we have discovered the vehicle is nowhere near the quality they have stated when purchased. We have contacted both companies to give them an opportunity first to sort something out with us and they both have pretty much told us too bad not their problem. We feel strongly we have been ripped off and want to put in formal complaint against both companies to try and get some sort of resolution that we are satisfied with. We bought this car as a family dream to pass on to our kids later in life and that has been shattered. The state of the vehicle we cant even register it in Australia as it wouldnt be classed a road worthy. We looked into NY DMV laws and with what is wrong with the vehicle it wouldnt of passed their laws either but sold to us as registered and fully roadworthy fits their lemon laws.

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