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Report Filed: Antwan Brown Thief rips off XBOX parts from systems he fixes!! Internet, North Carolina!!

I found an ad on Craigslist to repair XBOX’s with the RROD (Red Ring of Death) error and contacted the poster, Antwan Brown, to have my XBOX repaired for $30. I called him and he gave me an address to drop off the XBOX for repair. When I got there the house looked pretty shady and run-down with long uncut grass and I should have just turned around then and there, but I didn’t. The house smelled like stale garbage and there was a half-naked baby wandering around crying with no one paying attention to him. Antwan had me write down my name and number on a post-it note and he stuck it to my xbox and put it on a table with a few other XBOX’s next to one he had open and was working on so I figured he worked on a lot of these and should know what he was doing (though I suspected he would use the money he earned to buy crack or something by the looks of him and the house.) A couple days later he called me to tell me the XBOX was ready and I came, saw him turn it on without the RROD error, paid him and left. I didn’t play the XBOX much for a couple weeks after that because I was busy but when I finally did it only worked for like 3 hours and the RROD error returned!! I tried contacting Antwan again for a week but he never answered the phone or returned my messages. Giving up on getting the XBOX fixed I bought a new one without a HD planning to take the HD out of my old XBOX and put it in the new one… except when I did I realized that the 320GB HD that I had in the old one was gone and had been replaced by an 80GB. So not only did Antwan not fix my problem, he stole my HD (and maybe other parts for all I know.) Avoid this person like the plague. He looks shady because he is shady.

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