AR Booting Inc

AR Booting Inc Review

Report Filed: AR Booting Inc Company Ripping people off by gauging on parking lots Miami Florida!!

A parking lot, that I would use in the Grove when I went for lunch to our favorite pizza place, it is now owned by PK1, who was an agreement (apparently) with Pay By Phone and this company AR Booting Inc. I paid for an hour parking, and I while walking back to my car, we noticed these 2 young kid placing boots on a few of the cars on the lot, including mine. I went over 10 minutes, yes, 10 minutes, on the meter, and they had already placed a boot on my car and demanding payment of $89 to un-tie the boot! They have signs stating that if you do not properly pay for parking they will charge you this- however, this is a scam and gauging, as it is not clear to the clients that a small mistake (by just going over on your meter a few minutes) you will incur such a high fee plus having to pay on the spot. This is ridiculous. And another reason why Miami gets such a bad reputation, for actions such a these. People be aware of this scam! RN

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