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Report Filed: Archos Inc. (USA) Bulls*** Company, horrendous customer support! Greenwood Village Colorado!!

I returned my original tablet to Archos in April, (bought from Ebay/JR, paid for with credit card August of 2012). They sent me a replacement that I think I got sometime in June. It worked for a few weeks th4en stopped working so I returned that one also. My tracking showed it was received by them on 7/17 or 18 but it sat in their warehouse for another 5 days before the status update showed that they received it). After waiting weeks and continually being told they had nothing in stock, I told them I did not want another tablet and requested a refund on 9/4 and was told at that time that it would take 2 weeks. On 9/10 I checked the status of the refund online and saw that it said my refund had been shipped from the Archos warehouse on that date but there was no tracking # even though it said UPS. I called for a legitimate tracking number and was told it would not go via UPS, but USPS. I waited another 10 days and called Archos again on 9/23 and then was informed that no refund had yet been sent and that it takes 4-6 weeks to process a refund. I then contacted Archos Worldwide on Facebook and they contacted Archos in CO and they were told that it was being looked into.Emailed Archos Worldwide again on 9/26 and got no reponse. On 10/1 I heard from Archos Worldwide that they had spoken to the Managing Director of Archos US branch to get my check sent as soon as possible. On 10/1 I emailed Archos Worldwide again and was told that they were told by the US branch that my refund was in process and they would be notifying me shortly that my refund was on its way. Another week goes by and no check and no notification. I waited another 2 weeks and called Archos US again and after being left on hold for 15 minutes they then inform me that all refunds have been suspended because they now have stock. I informed them once again that I did not want another of their piece of crap tablets, just send me my refund. I then told them that Archos Worldwide had told me that they spoke to Archos US branch and they were told my refund was in process. I was then told that I should keep following up with them which I have tried to do 3 times but now no one from there is responding to my emails. This company and its support are the absolute worst company and support I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I have read of numerous complaints against and still no one does anything. I fed up to my eyeballs with them and their shoddy treatment of their customers. All I want from them is my refund for $239.97 which is the amount they told me on 9/4 that I would receive. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but don’t expect a whole lot from that because from what I’ve seen on the BBB site, they don’t even have the decency to respond to the complaints. They suck and I’ve pretty much told them that.

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