Arrow Tire And Transmission

Arrow Tire And Transmission Review

Report Filed: Arrow Tire And Transmission Failure to repair vihicle for Emission test ripoff Tucson Arizona!!

In June of 2006, I took my car to have it repaired to pass emission test, because it failed. After leaving it with them, they called and said it needed a new set of ignition wires and a oxygen sensor, said total would come to $346.00. I thought that was quite high, but I agreed to let them repair it because it needed to pass emissions and since it was within walking distance from my apartment, after they done the repair and I paid for it and took it through emissions. It failed again, although the mechanic assured me that it would pass when I paid for the service. I took it back and told them that it didn’t pass and left it yet again with them. They said they adjusted vacuum leaks and cleaned the EGR valve and ran it through emissions and it passed. They even had me pay for the extra emission charge that they had to pay when they took it through. I was charged for a radiater cap (triple price) and a by-pass hose (triple price) igition wires (double price) Oxygen sensor ??? I then reported them to the Attorney General, and The Better Business Bureau, but neither one could get any results for me in the matter. Business insists that I requested simple maintinance and would not admit emission control repair. The Attorney General would not take the case although they are obligated to prosecute fraud cases, and the BBB determined that the company made a reasonable offer to resolve the issue but consumer would not except the offer. The offer was that they were willing to repay only the $12.00 emission charge, (Reasonable?) Linda Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.

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