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Report Filed: ATL International – All Tune And Lube ripoff fraud deceit liers go to hellers Millersville Maryland!!

I bought a franchise in 2001. I was open for only 8 months. I gave them my 38,000 deposit, secured my lease and then couldnt get financing. My only hope was to do a home equity loan. I questioned every thing and the way they did it. I was told by John Kelly ( degree in financing he told me) that they had been doing this for 15 years and had the contacts. But I got turned down for not having automotive experience and so will you. They allowed a friend of mine to put all his franchise fee on his credit cards. Thats just wrong. Their approval process is nonexistant. They approve all and will take your money any way they can get it. The odds are stacked against you if you buy into this. Call the Attorney General Maryland and you can find out their reputation in their own state. They count on you filling for bankrupsey because once you do you dont have much of a law suit. So, I didnt file, and I am suing. We have been going through this process for a year now. There experts on how to drag it out. If you would like to join my law suit I have an attorney in Maryland that can work with you. Write me and tell me your story (not too long please). If you where only open a short while (and I can bet you where), if you didnt file bankrusey, and if you sold out but didnt sign anything to prevent you from suing and if its been in the last two years, then we need to talk. Karen austin, TexasU.S.A.

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