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Report Filed: ATT Connecttech While Uverse tech support could not figure out a secure connection I was referred to Connecttech San Diego California!!

who was billed as having the knowledge and resource to secure my network and not only failed miserably but in 24 calls (YES!) between Nov and March had me in worse shape then when I was referred to them The nonsensical advice seemed camp and unhelpful as if they actually had no knowledge of a secure network. One morning, after turning off the 5 gigahertz signal- I wake up to fine 16 attempts to connect to my internet of tablets and iphones., I use and Android and a HPLaptop. the removed the evidence but did not block the connection, so naturally the connection was allowed as soon as the 5 ghz was tuned back on – which ATT Connectech could not explain how this would happen AND my access code remained the same personalized version so it must be on ATT access end or? The attitudes of Rochelle were nothing it not camp not explanations of how a signal could activate itseld in my moden UNLESS someone was in my house- since ATT plasters passwords and access codes all over the hardware. AND if one simply resets the access code back to factory by a simple reset then they can get on- but theres a bigger issue with this NO ONE belongs in my home without permission! After the 24 calls I quot they wanted a 100 termination fee for quitting the service, REALLY?

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