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Report Filed: Attorney Ken Nugent Attorney Kenneth Nugent Inadequate services for excessive service charges Duluth, Georgia!!

I have recieved minimal services from this company and they charged me almost half of my settlement funds to do these services. I have already filed a complaint with BBB and contacted the attorneys’ office directly. I have spoken with the actual attorney less than a hand full of times and at time when speaking with the case manager I felt rushed, under-informed, and received attitude. I was under the impression that I would be dealing with the attorney directly, and I was sadly mistaken. I have recieved the minimal settlement over a month ago and all of the bills and payments were supposed to be distributed to the insurance company, medical services I used, and the attorneys. The ambulance company hasn’t been paid and I have been recieving harrasing calls and invoices from them for the past 5+ months only to be told that it would be handled (words from the case manager and paralegal). I have spoken with the paralegal and the ambulance company numerous times to resolve the issue because the funds have been released to pay them a long time ago. Please note that it isn’t my job to be constantly calling anyone in regard to any bill payments because I am supposed to be represented by a well known attorney. In handling this matter my attorney refers me to her paralegal and the matter is only going around in circles. Meanwhile my credit score is being negatively affected and my pain and suffering due to stress involving this matter continues to go on without proper retribution. I will be re-opening this case and requesting proper funds of this company because of the reasons stated above. I will also be using other social networking sites to inform the public that this company is nothing like portrayed in advertisments and the treatment I received is similar to that of an insurance company focused more on their own profits than acutally caring for the people they represent. I don’t want anyone else to experience the same minimal customer service, minimal document handling, and minimal settlement returns that the Attorneys at Kenneth S. Nugent are providing.

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