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Report Filed: Auto Source Ripoff REFUND NOT RETURNED Temple Hills Maryland!!

On July 30th, 2006, I was referred to this company by my Uncle Walter to go to AutoSource to purchase my vehicle because they would offer me a better deal. I went to them under the impression that this was a good dealership. I asked for Gwen, she was referred by my uncle. I found out that Gwen was a new saleperson in training and that a Mr. Michael Vaughns would be helping her handle all of her transactions. I gave Mr. Vaughns $3,650.00 towards the downpayment of a 2000 Gold RX Lexus Truck! In August, Mr. Vaughns contacted me and told me that I would need to send in my bank statements so that the finance company can draft payments from my account. I sent them in bank statements with my daughter and my name on it as the beneficiary. I later received a call back from another representative stating that they couldn’t use this account,because I was just the beneficiary on it. I told them that I would have to open up a brand new account just for this. I opened up another account and faxed on more than once occassion my new account information to a Mr. Lamechia, to whom I also found out was no longer employed as well as Michael Vaughns. These documents however where never forwarded to the right office after they left the company. On Septemeber 26, 2006, I received a frightening call from a Investigator Browser, telling me to bring the vehicle in, because it was reported stolen. I immediately brought the vehicle into the dealership. He told me to sit and wait for an officer to take my report. At this time, I had no idea what was happening to me. I spoke with Gwen and she told me that Michael Vaughns was recently arrested for stealing company money. They stated that the FBI etc were all involved. I still didn’t understand, what this had to do with us. There was another buyer there going throught the same situation I was in. As I was sitting, I realize that no one else was coming over to me. I left and came back with my children, mother and sister. When I arrived the other buyer had called the police. The police were already there when I arrived back to the dealership. The police had already stated that the dealership was a very shaddy dealership and there has been lots of complaints against them. The police told Mr. Alex Mahdavi to honor the contract in which I had on me. The contracted was signed by myself and the finance person, stating my downpayment of $3650.00. Financing does not take place without money in hand first! I later found out, that the reason I was called in, was because they employee Michael Vaughns has stolen the downpayment. The dealership said that they would refund my money towards the vehicle ONLY if I now find a co-signer! They claimed that they had financing for me and that the financing company terminated my contract because they did not received the bank statements. I later found out throuh AutoLoans 1-800-737-9780, that my contract was terminated by the car dealership and not them. Auto Loan (Lisa C) said that my application was there, but never approved by them. Now, I have NO VEHICLE AND NO MONEY! On the back of the BUYER’S SALES AGREEMENT, it states, that if a deal is cancel or if I can not get financing, they are to refund all of my money back to me. I have not received any monies, returned phones calls or anything. I wrote to the Better Business Bureau and found out through the BBB, that this dealership is not a place anyone wants to do business with. I CRITICALLY ADVISED CONSUMERS TO NOT GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP…THEY ARE A BIG RIP OFF AND IT SEEMS LIKE THEY ONLY CATER TO DRUG DEALERS! PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP AUTO SOURCE 4740 ST. BARNABAS ROAD TEMPLE HILLS, MARYLAND 20748 STAY AWAY FROM THIS ADDRESS Thomasina TEmple Hills, MarylandU.S.A.

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