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Report Filed: Barack Hussein Obama Touro College This is How Obama became the candidate of a President of the United States of America Washington DC, Washington DC!!

November 2, 2006Dear Dean Weisberg:After my conversation with Andrew Barron, Director of Admissions, I realized that you did not receive my letter, and were not aware of the problem I was facing within the Occupational Therapy program. Attached, please find the copy of the aforementioned letter. Let me start by saying to you, as the Dean of Health Sciences, that after reading my letter, you as a fellow human being, will understand that no one deserves to be treated as I have been within the program. I am writing to you, after failing to receive any response to my original memo from the members of the committee. I am starting to understand that for whatever reason they are trying to prevent me from achieving my goal of becoming an Occupational Therapist. I would also like to say, that they will not be successful, as this is what I would like to become, and the obstacles they’ve tried to impose, will only make me more determined to strive that much harder to achieve my goal.I would like to have an opportunity to meet with you, to discuss in person the problems I have been facing, as I know that as a professional, you are well aware of what it means to be unfairly denied the opportunity to do what you love most. I heard that you are a fair and honest person, and I sincerely hope that you will review this matter and try to see it from my perspective, putting yourself in my shoes, and feeling what I felt. Each day that passes, where I am not involved in working towards my goal, is like torture for me. Losing the opportunity to start fieldwork, is a gigantic disappointment, as I was so looking forward to getting hand hands on experience practicing my chosen vocation and moving closer towards realizing my goal.I have available for your review, all the course work tests along with grades from both classes. I strongly believe that upon your review, you will realize that these failing grades do not fairly represent the effort that I have made and the information that I learned. I am therefor asking you, as a fair and objective person, to please evaluate the content of my grade coursework, in the hopes that you will be able to render an unbiased opinion.Thank you very much for your help and support in resolving this matter. I would also like to say thank you to Andrew Baron, as he was the only person I was able to approach regarding this issue.Sincerely,Michael Levin ————————————————— If I knew my appeal letter would lead to Barack Hussein Obama being elected as a president of the United States of America I would never include in Andrew Barron also known as Andrique Barron in my appeal letter.Thank you.

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