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Report Filed: Barbara R. Snyder President of Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio Dr. Loue’s graduate epidemiology classes at CWRU School of Medicine are a balloon boy hoax at over $1,000/credit hour under Case Western Reserve University President Barbara Snyder. Cleveland, Ohio!!

Class instruction/discussions at CWRU graduate school of Epidemiology includes watching heroin drug mainlining movies (the most explicit that Hollywood ever made), required texts with huge LGBT and medical use of marijuana chapters, discussions about the dating of the woman drug study investigators, silicone implants (CWRU is for them), needle exchange programs, and nothing for a job in public health epidemiology. For Barbara Snyder of CWRU running a major University is just one big bad hair day its just complicated tangled – like her ever-dyed red hair. It means photo-shopping the picture, the courses, and the professors. LGBT of course stands for l*****n, gay, bisexual, transgender and transsexual the gender challenged run the University, and lifestyles of LGBT are explained in major chapters in epidemiology course required texts – for the learning disabled. Under Barbara Snyder Presidential leadership; you couldn’t ignore gender issues & choices if you tried. Barbara Snyder doesnt hire professors to get you connections in the job market – to recommend you for internships or jobs – professors with real life projects and research, but rather to help you have new same-sex gender, drug, and lifestyle experiences while zoning out on bad movies and stale yesterday bagels – for credit and ‘grades.’ Epidemiology at CWRU is a course of study totally left over from the psychedelic hippie 60s, and its 2000-something and H1N1 season; and it’s not all about TB or HIV either. Earth to Barbara. The excuse, per Peter Poulos in the Legal Department is that CWRU has to allow academic freedoms & ‘diverse’ faculty; the syllabus filed in the Deans Office doesnt have to be followed or even resemble the course given. It’s just a piece of paper. Graduate Dean Chuck Rozek thinks it is then a joke when you object strongly to the grading from nirvana, grading that has no basis as the course didnt even meet the class credit-hour requirements for a 3-credit course at any university (even the New University of NYC) – and the grading doesnt go on any scale except for Dr. Loue’s moods and random associations. Probability or p-values don’t enter into it. If you didnt like what was going on in Dr. Loues class, then you automatically get a C, D, or F; the outlier grades go to MD/PhDs with something better in mind, after questioning course syllabus omissions, so as to ruin their academic careers so Dr. Sana Loue can be the unchallenged Chairperson of Epidemiology do the math. And she doesn’t have a clue about the math courses that the Biostatistics part of her Department needs to improve or require. Dean Rozek just rubber-stamps this nonsense for gender crowd; and hes into Genetics where there are rules and required concepts but do any of his students get any Genetics teaching?- or is genetics all in the tarot cards? He’s just a talking head with no academic ethics. Graduate Ph.D.s in Epidemiology dont have to take any calculus at CWRU; they dont know any math, unless they got it at another University before they came, and no one cares. It’s all group projects and getting along. The guidelines, both for grading in the Graduate School of Epidemiology, and for objecting to unfairness and academic insanity, are moot; there are no guidelines that cant be changed, re-worked or re-issued so as not to get anything ‘bad’ on any diverse faculty records. It’s about protecting one’s own and finest. The grieving of a grade can take anywhere from a year to four leaving the graduate student in academic limbo also on purpose because you said some bad things about the professor promoting her lifestyle in class and her required texts – things that Peter Poulos doesn’t want to hear. But the class discussions werent relevant to anything epidemiology, ditto her books – that has to be said and there’s no ‘good’ way to do it. The grade-challenged student doesnt get to testify except in a Memorandum Note the investigation is done after they suspend the student for disagreeing with a grade & the modus operandi a grade without an explanation four years later. Under Barbara Snyder – the Professor just felt like it and can do it; Dr. Loue felt like showing and discussing a Giant Eagle bargain bin movie Requiem for a Dream for hours in class – all about the dysfunctional characters and nothing to do with epidemiology or drug trials. It’s a horrible movie unless you have a ‘buzz’ on, and most students are on coffee or tea. Dr. Sana Loue admitted in 2005, that she wasnt prepared and was just going to try this movie an experiment at over $1,000/credit hour – because 2 months after classes started she wasn’t prepared. In 2007, she was promoted to Acting Chair which is a horrible statement on the academic standards and allowed classroom behaviors at Case Western Reserve University; that credit hours don’t stand for anything. Its been a bad hair several years for Barbara Snyder whose office knows whats going on, but refuses to do anything except promote the bad professors and turf you to Peter Poulos. Yes they ‘heard’ about this they say. . . Parents need to check on what is going on, as CWRU did have an undergraduate degree in this with similar experiences and grading guidelines – it was a ‘piece of cake.’ Contact Barbara Snyder in the Office of the President, and check the contents of the required course texts that your kids are buying at Clevelands own CWRU. Tri-C is a better bargain for the money and course content. Mostly they just don’t allow the professors to write their own textbooks and require them; has a Dr. Loue section. The weekend courses at CWRU are a total fraud where you sit in class and basically do anything to waste the time. The students project presentations can be on anything, the papers have a 15-page limit and no other guidelines while Dr. Loue has no interest in teaching, being fair, or putting out Epidemiologists to help answer the questions of H1N1. Neither does Barbara Snyder, but she does care about her hair.

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