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Report Filed: Barnhill Properties, The Barnhill Group at Keller Williams, Barnhill Group Keller Williams Memorial, Memorial Realty Ltd Refused to remove my home listing after cancellation, made me handle all showings on my home Cypress Texas!!

Refused To Remove My Listings After Cancellation, Made Me Handle All Showings On My Home, Still Holding My Listings u201cHostageu201d, Refused To Remove Signage From My Properties, Hindering My Hiring A New Agent To Sell My Properties Joseph Barnhill – Barnhill Properties, The Barnhill Group, Memorial Realty LTD, KW Memorial Sale Agent License # 661928 , sponsored by Memorial Realty LTD, sponsor date = 11/10/2016 Link to TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) license and education history Michael Bossart u2013 Memorial Realty, LTD, Keller Williams Memorial Broker License # 588215 , effective date = 04/06/2016 Link to TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) license and education history ***DISCLAIMER*** The following is not intended to be legal advice in anyway. This is merely a depiction of events I have suffered while dealing with the groups mentioned above. Overview Iu2019m sure we have all heard stories of aggressive realtors. What I am completely in awe over is that a person or now persons would attempt to completely take over and control how I proceed with the sale of properties I worked tirelessly to payoff over the years. The last time I checked I paid for both of my properties and nowhere on the deed or on one payment made for either property is the name of Joseph Barnhill, Barnhill Properties, The Barnhill Group, Michael Bossart, Memorial Realty, or Keller Williams Memorial. After failing to show up to one single showing for the sale of my home, failing to sell either my home or commercial property, and at one point offering a potential buyer my furniture without my consent I find myself literally begging for the cancellation of my listing so that I may seek a new agent. To make matters even more concerning Joseph Barnhill (who told me he was a broker, business owner, and his own boss) has now ceased communicating and states I must speak with his sponsoring broker by the name of Michael Bossart. Unfortunately, I do not know Mr. Bossart, never knew he existed, and received a broken-up voicemail from him days ago stating he is on vacation in Cabo. I sincerely wish I was in Cabo versus dealing with this situation. I have yet to communicate directly with the mysterious Michael Bossart and It has now been many days since I cancelled my listings. My properties are still being u201chijackedu201d if you will, but so I digress. I presume this is the reason why platforms such as this exist, regulatory bodies like TREC oversee realtors/brokers, and the legal system was implemented if needed. Unethical or possibly skating the line on illegal behavior should never be allowed in my opinion and I hope by sharing my experience I may help someone else avoid the same uncomfortable situation I find myself in today. I must admit it feels a little like being bullied. Iu2019ll get into detail below with a description of events. Course of Events Given that I have friends and family in the real estate industry I chose for months to list my properties (I have both a residential and commercial property) on my own. My properties were featured on most of the standard websites for real estate including MLS, HAR (Houston Association of Realtors), Zillow, Trulia, loopnet, Redfin, and FSBO (for sale by owner) long before I hired a realtor. I also paid nearly $1,000 for multiple professionally made signs which Joseph Barnhill (my ex realtor) noticed instantly upon visiting my properties. For anyone who has listed a property for sale on their own in Houston you understand that with over 30,000 realtors all working on hot sheets and scouring these sites for those of us without out an agent the 20 plus phone calls a day of realtors begging to represent you can become a burden. This is where Joey Barnhill comes into play. After months of persistent calls from Mr. Barnhill and admittedly entertaining conversation I took a liking to this young man. In complete honesty Joey Barnhill is very well spoken, educated with an MBA, and reminded me of a younger me with his drive and vision for the future. He informed me he had a great deal of experience in real estate, however was a new broker and attempting to grow his business, Barnhill Properties aka The Barnhill Group. He expressed his desire to get into the build side as I have done one day and at one point I thought highly enough of the young man to give him my personal commercial bankers number along with passing on a good word for him. (I will attach text threads if permitted on this site) As I was growing tired of the constant realtor calls and felt like my time would be better served on other pressing matters I made the choice on the last pitch Mr. Barnhill gave me that I would give him a chance with very specific instructions for what I expected out of this business relationship/opportunity. I made it clear that I wanted no part of dealing with realtors or buyers and that I already had my properties listed on the necessary sites so merely relisting my properties in his name held little value to me. There were strict instructions that no one was to be unattended in my home and no lock box was to be used although that didnu2019t stop him from asking multiple times. I am a private person and still live in my home so I made it clear I would not budge on this topic. We also had a discussion where I discussed if my home was really in his comfort zone being that my properties are located in the Cypress area and his biography online specifically states he specializes in u201cinner loopu201d properties. He told me that he sold all over Houston and this wouldnu2019t be an issue. (from his sales history I am led to believe otherwise) I also made it clear as was documented in our initial 90 day agreement that I wanted to see how he performed before I agreed to anything over and beyond 90 days. To be completely honest I expressed to Joey that even though I have friends and family in the industry I had little trust in most realtors or sales people in general. As in any industry you have great ones and those who may not be so great or honest and not so honest. In the beginning I was admittedly impressed with Joseph Barnhill and his tech savvy nature. I had never seen a drone video (I didnu2019t ask for it but it was nice) made before and the virtual tour turned out extremely nice as well. I made sure to express to Mr. Barnhill that I thought he was off to a great start and he was quickly changing my perception of realtors altogether. Again, to be honest I thought to myself, u201chey my hunch about this young man was rightu201d. Sadly, once Mr. Barnhill implemented his listing complete with his video and virtual tour this is where the service he guaranteed came to an almost immediate halt. As the showings began on my home one thing became very clear. Joey Barnhill was not going to drive from Houston to Cypress to show my home himself. That burden irritatingly fell on me. Over and over again this young man would call me last minute to do a showing which in turn caused me to stop my work, clean the house (I have a dog who sheds), and many times walk the realtor/buyer through or on some occasions go down the street to leave them to look on their own. I was the one meeting these prospects and their realtor so it was me having to get my realtor, Joey Barnhill, up to speed. In the beginning and in my opinion most of the prospects Mr. Barnhill scheduled were in no way legitimate and some were merely realtors wanting to look (the home was recently heavily updated and the pictures showed well) or my neighbors trying to see my upgrades (I warned Mr. Barnhill numerous times that my neighbors were attempting to view my home and asking questions about my contractors, who I used, and what was done). I rolled with the punches so to speak up until Houston was hit with the floods. This is where things started to become counter-productive and resentment grew. A result of the Houston floods I had repairs necessary on both my home and residential building. As I explained to Joey Barnhill my primary focus was on the commercial building being that it sustained the most damage and I had a buddy rush out a crew to start work immediately. I made it clear on numerous occasions (as you will see in the attached communications) that I wanted to hold off on any showings until the properties were repaired to my liking. Mr Barnhill is rather persistent and eager so he managed to continue scheduling showings on my home until I finally made it clear. What he failed to realize is that I would then have to stop dealing with contractors at one location to come back to my residence, clean, and perform the showing myself. At times I was with contractors until 2am u2013 3am in the morning being that they were friends of mine. Joey Barnhill on the other hand couldnu2019t manage to drive out to Cypress to perform his job duties because he knew I would gripe but end up doing it anyhow. This was becoming unacceptable as I expressed to Mr. Barnhill on multiple occasions. I refused to stop my work, interrupt conference calls, or inconvenience myself any longer to handle showings that are part of his job description. I want to state again, Mr. Barnhill, performed not one single showing on my home residence. Let us fast forward to the straw that broke the camelu2019s back. After I completed the remodel on my commercial building and because I had access to contractors who are hard to come by due to the recent floods I told mr Barnhill that I was going to finish the remodel on my home as well. Rather than accommodate my request he scheduled showings up until the date that I told him my contractors were to begin the remodel. I obliged to all of his showings even though I was growing extremely resentful of having to interrupt my days or weekends to spot clean and handle these showings. This brings us to the two days before my contractors are to begin the remodel. I receive a phone call from Mr. Barnhill that I had to ignore because I was on a conference call with my attorney for another business matter. I immediately received a text that he had a vetted buyer (not vetted and not represented by the realtor as you will see in the attached synopsis I gave Mr. Barnhill) who wanted to see the house right now. I was not happy, but I ended my conference call and as I was expressing my displeasure to Mr. Barnhill my doorbell rings. To my dismay, it was the realtor with two gentleman. Now I told Joey Barnhill that I had not cleaned the home, was not showered or shaven, and quite frankly was embarrassed to be seen this way. The prospect was an extremely nice man, however immediately went into wanting a deal and what he perceived the market value to be, etc. etc. I politely told him to contact Mr. Barnhill and went about my day. Later that evening as I was finishing my workout I get a text from the prospect buyer. I have no idea how he obtained my number but I called him back anyway. During our conversation the prospect said he wanted to make a one-time offer and that would be it. He sent over the offer and I politely told him I would let him know after speaking with my realtor. I then called and texted Joey Barnhill only to be texted back and asked if he could call me in the morning. Frustrating, but ok. Being that I met the prospect and new we were nowhere near a deal that I would take I almost didnu2019t say anything to Joey Barnhill because I was so aggravated, however the next day Mr. Barnhill showed up to my home for the 2nd time ever only to have me sign a new listing agreement as mine was due to expire (I only signed the extension for the commercial building as for some reason I never could figure out due to the close proximity of my home and commercial property Joey Barnhill did manage to show the commercial property). Anyhow Moving on, I told Joey Barnhill about the encounter and he said u201cthis is what I do let me have his numberu201d, so I obliged by giving him the gentlemanu2019s number. I also told Joey that this man wasnu2019t going to come up on his cash offer. Within a short time from Joey leaving my house he calls and tells me he thinks he has the buyer right around our asking price and asked what I was doing with my furniture. As I expressed to Mr. Barnhill I typically buy high end overpriced furniture so I had not thought of selling it, but would give it consideration. Joey then scheduled a u201cfurniture showingu201d for the next day. Keep in mind this is one day before my contractors are due to start the remodel. To begin the u201cfurniture showingu201d Joey shows up late, secondly the prospect did not come up one dollar on his offer, and offered a mere $10K for my furniture. I have one table I spent $10K on so this was a waste of time as I suspected. To make matters worse the prospect texts me later in the day to tell me (as you will see in the attached text thread) he didnu2019t want my furniture and that was all my realtor trying to get his offer up. The prospect clearly stated he really only had interest in the home. When Joseph Barnhill and I spoke again things became far less than professional so I told him I thought it was best that we cancel the listing agreements completely and move on to more positive things. As I stated to him a great deal of respect necessary to continue a business relationship had been lost. After some back and forth for a couple days I finally made it clear that I wanted to cancel and would not change my mind. This is where things get disturbing. Now Mr. Barnhill says I will need to speak with a Michael Bossart who as I discovered is his sponsoring broker. This came as a shock to me as I was led to believe Joseph Barnhill was a broker and the decision maker. After a few days I realize that Mr. Barnhill has not cancelled my listings under his name so I reach out again to quite literally beg him not to go down this path. Then I receive a phone call from an unknown number which turns out to be Michael Bossart. Mr. Bossart leaves a broken message stating he is on vacation in Cabo. (I will attach the voicemail if permitted on this site) As I stated to both Joey Barnhill via email and Mr. Bossart via voicemail I was fine with a stranger in Mr. Bossart being on vacation, but meanwhile back home in Cypress my listings are being held hostage. I also made it clear that I fail to realize what me speaking with Mr. Bossart has to do with cancelling my listings. It is not like the u201cmentoru201d u201csponsoru201d would ever change my mind. I made it clear numerous times via email and text that I am unable to hire a new agent as I do not want to explain this ridiculous situation and a new realtor cannot list the properties when they are tied up with Mr. Barnhillu2019s listings. As it stands now Mr. Barnhill has completely stopped communicating, I have not reached Mr. Bossart, Mr. Barnhillu2019s signage is still on both of my properties, and I am unable to relist my properties for sale. It is my opinion that this is not only HIGHLY UNETHICAL but completely unnecessary. Depending on a personu2019s financial situation this could be devastating from a budgetary standpoint. What if someone is close to foreclosure or needed the money for something truly important. Iu2019m wondering if it is even legal to hold a personu2019s properties hostage and hinder them from selling. I will be reaching out to TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) to file a formal ethics complaint as well as reaching out to Keller Williams corporate to see if they condone this type of behavior from licensed realtor/brokers. If it becomes necessary I suppose this is what the civil system is designed to resolve, however it seems ridiculous to me that I should need to go this far to sell properties I own and worked my tail off to purchase. SHOCKED HOMEOWNER!!!!!!!! If anyone reads this I hope they perform the proper due diligence on anyone they hire to perform life changing tasks such as home or property sales. This has truly turned out to be an unexpected nightmare from a young man who I honestly think has the potential to be great with time and real business experience (the kind you canu2019t learn in a book no matter how many degrees you earn). It is my opinion that he may be receiving advice/mentoring that may or may not be the best. It is also my opinion that this young man is trying for an aggressive fast growth path in real estate (to be clear I respect it but think he is spread thin) including taking 6 additional continuing education courses since he took on my listing and 5 of which he completed in the last month. Could this have anything to do with why Mr. Barnhill didnu2019t have time to drive to Cypress to handle my showings? Only he knows that answer, however I have my opinion. 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