Report Filed: – GOLD SEA BUSINESDS LIMITED GOLD SEA BUSINESDS LIMITED Laptop Battery Ripoff, Beware Don’t use this Company HONG KONG, Internet!!

I was in need of a replacement battery for my Laptop and I did a Google search to start finding companies that had my brand. I found a few companies that had my model but many of them were currently sold out. I knew the model that I wanted came in 6 Cell or 9 cell. I was leading towards the 9 cell because it would give 33% longer battery time, which would be helpful for my business trips. I found a company that not only had my battery, but had my model in 9 cell. Furthermore, it also offered it shipped from with-in the USA for free, promising arrival in 3-5 business days. I ordered the Battery and paid with my Paypal account. – I became suspicious when I need not receive a emailed receipt for my $114 purchase. I emailed the company and asked them to send me one. After 5 days I receive an email saying they had received the order. By this time (according to the shipping promise) I should have received the item as I ordered it on a Sunday night. After 11 days I received the package. It was shipped from china not the USAIt was a 6 cell battery Not a 9 cell battery. I Paid Extra for a 9 cell for the reason I described above (More Battery Life) I Got Ripped-Off! I exchanged a few emails with the seller, but they acted like the could not understand English and they had done nothing wrong. I filed a claim with Paypal, asking for a refund of 33%, but Paypal said I would only receive a refund if I sent it back. It would have cost be more to ship this back to China (Over $30) which the seller rightly knew I was Not going to do. I suggest you not do business with the Company as they are a fraud and Liars.

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