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Report Filed: Beach Bound Auto Sales Dishonest Dealer Selbyville, Delaware!!

I wish I would have done my research on the dealer and not just the car before I purchased. Not only was the car NOT 100% clean it was NOT 100% mechanical. I drove home from the dealer feeling excited and happy to have got a good car at what seemed like a GREAT deal. Should have known better. If is seems to good and all that. I hadnt got more than 20 miles when NOT only I but my Husband who was 2 cars behind me…started to smell electrical fire. Then about 25 minutes from my house the car started to over heat pretty badly. The short of the matter..The car is STILL in the shop. It needed a water pump and timing belt. But since the timing went off..well now it needs a new head. Total..2grand. For the fire in the fuse box above the battery..200bucks..I have NOT even mentioned that I was TOLD the car had never been in a crash. Well I guess that because its not reported means it didnt happen. I have BRIGHT yellow spray paint on the frame..which is BENT. Dented in from the bottom and the RSpassanger side has a hump in the floor board because of it. Along with of course some other odds and ins..BE WARNED! They seemed like nice enough people…they even promised to pay for the repairs..AFTER I called and emailed for a week straight and FINALLY left them negative feedback on EBAY… “Just send us the repair bill!”” They said. “”we will take care of everything!”” What a relief right?And a huge weight lifted..until..5 days go by again..calling …emailing..and NOTHING. Until..suprise today..someone answers..guess what. IM SCREWED. Thanks for EVERYTHING BEACHBOUNDAUTOSALES/ScrewYouOv [email protected]!!!”

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