BEWARE of Dr. Paul Salinas - MD Fricso, TX

BEWARE of Dr. Paul Salinas - MD Fricso, TX Review

Report Filed: Dr. Paul Salinas, MD Disabled Me For Life! Fricso, TX Paul Salinas Paul Salinas, MD – Frisco – Frisco Spine Frisco Spine Neurosurgery & Spinal Cord Neurosurgeon in Frisco, TX Neurological Surgeon in Frisco, TX Medical Center of McKinney BEWARE Dr. Paul Salinas, MD Disabled me for life! Butcher & Hack of Frisco. Dr. Paul Salinas used non FDA approved product in my back. Frisco Texas!!

Dr. Paul Salinas Paralyzed / Disabled Me For Life! Frisco Spine Spine Center Frisco TXDr. Paul Salinas of Frisco Spine in Frisco TX disabled me permanently for life. Dr. Paul Salinas misdiagnosed my case and elected an aggressive surgery when a radiology report stated surgery wasn’t necessary at this time. I was alone in the hospital on strong medication and given only one option, “Surgery””. Had I not been on medication I would have been in sound mind to seek other means of treatment that were less evasive than the “”only”” option Dr. Paul Salinas provided. Both of my legs were working normal before the surgery. I woke up after surgery with my right leg completely paralyzed. Dr. Paul Salinas cut & damaged a nerve in my right leg leaving me paralyzed & damaged from ever being repaired. Dr. Paul Salinas told me that it would take 2 years for my nerves to repair.”

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