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Report Filed: B&H Photo-Video B&H Damaged Sony EX1 XDCAM Camera during trade in evaluation refuses to take responsibility New York New York!!

B&H damaged the battery terminal of my Sony PME-EX1 while it was in their position for trade in evelautaion and denies responsibility.I brought in a a Sony PMW-EX1 XDCAM EX for trade in eveluation. They responded within their standard 72 hour period that the camera didn’t have the current firmware which they’d prefer to use the current SxS cards. I took the camera back and broght it to Sony Pro Service Center in Teaneck NJ and had the firmeware updated. They check the camera and found no additional problems. When I returned home with the camera I attached the camera battery and personally confirmed the firmware had been updated. The following day I brought in the camera again for eveluation again. They quoted me an $1875 offer to buy. A full week went by and they did not contact me. As noted about their standard reveluation time is up to 72 hours. Concerned, I called them. I was told their technician was out sick. I waited another entire week and still they had not contacted me. 12 day had now transplred in their “72 hour”” evaluation report. At now point did they contact me. Once again I had to take the responsibility of contacting them. At that point they claimed any attempt to use a batter resulted in an Error message presenting the camera from turnning on. Not only did Sony check the camera when they updated the firmware

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