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Report Filed: Bill Gaffney William Gaffney “long list of Tenant’s Rights violations” Sausalito, California!!

44 Edwards Avenue in Sausalito, CA is a beautiful spot with a beautiful view. Unfortunately, William J. Gaffney and Virginia Lee Gaffney (Bill Gaffney and Ginny Gaffney), the owners and landlords make this property a living nightmare. The Gaffney’s live in 42 Edwards above the tenants in 44 Edwards Ave. and 44B Edwards Ave. Bill Gaffney is the angriest and most hateful person anyone will ever meet. Bill Gaffney treats tenants as if they were trespassing on his property instead of people who are paying thousands of dollars in rent and have the right to privacy and safety. Numerous Police reports have been filed with the Sausalito Police Department due his aggressive, threatening behavior. Bill Gaffney knows no barriers. Bill and Ginny Gaffney enter the tenant’s apartment when the tenants are not home and without permission. Bill Gaffney verbally harasses tenants, blames tenants for damage that was actually caused by his shoddy work or lack of maintenance and withholds security deposits even when tenants have left the property in better condition than when they moved in. Bill Gaffney is a terrifying landlord who possesses guns and is a member of the National Rifle Association. He is old and grumpy and his main purpose in life seems to be to cause his tenants anguish and distress. Bill Gaffney is Yosemite Sam. There are plenty of great apartments in Sausalito, please do not get blinded by the gorgeous view and rent from these dishonest people full of rage. Tenants have basic legal rights that are always present, no matter what the rental agreement or lease states. Bill Gaffney the landlord for 44 Edwards Ave Sausalito, CA 94965 habitually violates the following laws specified by the DCA (Department of Consumer Affairs): The Landlords right to enter the rental unitThe right to a refund of the security deposit, or a written accounting of how it was used, and proof with receiptsRetaliatory evictionLandlord’s duty of good faith and fair dealingThe Tenant’s right to quiet enjoymentLandlord disclosure to Tenant that utility meters are shared We have filed this report to help a future tenant avoid some of the damages we incurred during our 3 year tenancy.

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