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Bill Woods Ford - Easycare Review

Report Filed: Bill Woods Ford ripoff Sold a fraudulent Extended Warranty by a company called EasyCare. BOGUS! Kansas City Missouri!!

In March 2002 My wife and I bought a used 2000 Ford Explorer Limited. The 36000 mile warranty was almost expired so we asked about a extended warranty. We were told that Ford had aquired a new Extended Warranty Company called EasyCare. So we bought a 3 year, 36000 mile extension. It cost us $1800.00. A month later we were having problems with the airconditioning and a trouble light came on telling us that the transmisson had a problem. We called and made an appointment to have the repairs made. We took the Explorer in for the repairs at the appointment time and when they looked at the transmission problem, they told us that Easycare had approved the A/C repair but had denied the transmisson problem do to some sort of rider in the policy, of which we never received a copy of. We had to contact the General Manage of Bill Woods Ford and he had to call to get it approved. This took a week and a half to complete. Now we are in California taking care of my 90 year old mother and I started hearing a squeal in the left front and I thought it was a wheel bearing going out so I called Elk Grove Ford to have it checked out. I also had a rear wiper that wasn’t working. I was told, to inspect and diagnose the problem it would cost me $93.00 for each. I okayed that charges. Upon completetion, they found nothing wrong with the wiper but did find that the front left caliper guides had worn unevenly which allowed water to get inside and freeze the slides as well as the piston. I figured this was all covered by the EasyCare warranty. When the Service Writer called for authorization for the repair, he was denied because there was rust involved. The rust would not have been there had it not been for the uneven wear in the first place. I called Ford Motor Company’s Customer Service Center and was promptly told that they know nothing about EasyCare. When I read to them the fact that Ford had aquired APCO/EasyCare on July 20, 1999 they denied it. Now I am stuck paying $481.00 for the caliper repair. I feel the warranty that Bill Woods Ford sold me was fraudulant as they could have sold me a real Ford Extended care warranty for another $150.00. Money was not an object as we paid cash for the vehicle. A Ford warranty was never offered and we were told that Bill Woods Ford was suppose to push EasyCare as it was Ford’s new company and they were to generate business. The 2 times that I have tried to use this bogus EasyCare warranty it has been a fight. I think it’s time something was done to both Bill Woods Ford and APCO/EasyCare. Greg Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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