black oak apts knoxville,tn

black oak apts knoxville,tn Review

Report Filed: black oak apts knoxville,tn black oak apts llc” This apartment complex needs the correct managment” they are not doing the job now” knoxville, Tennessee!!

The manager lets far to many drug heads live here” 515 is one 616 is one” i might ad here” this is the plummers apt 616” and he takes 7 to 8 parking places up” because he has a pool table in his apt” there always making noice” i dont know if he is plummer or runs a pool hall” he always has 3 cars” and so do 715” drug dealers as will” has who always has people out of state coming in” from ohio” parking here” taking up the parking” as well” the manager” wrote a letter stating the following” black oak is currently’ at capacity. when the complex is full”that means parking is a issue” parking in front of the buildings” is reserved” for people that live here” all other guests” are asked to park” at the office” or the perimeter of the complex” any tentant” that has more then two vehicles per apt must also park the 3rd vehicle at the office parking” or perimeter not at your apts” signed by the manager tracey long” on aug 16 2010” but no one listens” to her” she needs to start towing cars away” then they will listen” cars that dont belong here” have then towed” 25% of the people staying here dont live her” there name is not on the lease” they need security” here to enforce” the rules”

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