BMW Of North America LLC

BMW Of North America LLC Review

Report Filed: BMW Of North America LLC Customer Relations Dept. Liz Mulvey Very unprofessional, stated to BBB that she was there to help but her phone calls proved otherwise Woodcliff Lake New Jersey!!

I have a safety issue with my 2009 328i BMW. It is the same issue, that has been complained about to BMW by numerous individuals, the dealership also stated they knew of how BMW Corporate knew of this issue in other series and years, however the dealership stated they would do zero about it. (meaning corporate) I wrote the BBB and conveyed to them my issue, taillight issue that costs with parts and labor roughly 700.00. If you google 2009 328i BMW taillight issues, you come up with many…i.e. and With everyone speaking of how BMW knows this, yet still thinks it’s OK to make cars that have this faulty device that costs a small fortune after warranty. They have recalled some, just not my series… ex: (from NBC news) When I spoke to this Liz Mulvey she stated that she required my VIN. I already knew it didn’t fall under warranty because the dealership told me so utilizing my VIN, but I understood she needed to check herself. However, she was of no help at all, because she was telling me things I already knew. I told her I wasn’t paying what the BMW dealership wanted, and she said well there’s nothing she could do. Really? Then why is she calling me? Because she felt obligated to “look good”” with the BBB? She stated that because my car didn’t fall under warranty

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