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Report Filed: Bookzap Old Time Radio Shows and Books Bookzap Good Friendly Service? Internet, California!!

Bookzap Service and Quality. Generous and helpful? Bookzap is a website that I have been visiting since 2004. I am a long time regular customer. The thing I like best about Bookzap is that they offer a huge amount of rare and nostalgic content for a very, very low price In the years that I have used them, their prices have never gone up! Also, whenever I order from Bookzap I get extra freebies and samplers. If I was going to describe Bookzap I would use the words incredibly friendly and amazingly generous. Another thing I love about them is their wonderful free site called Nostalgic-Radio. Recently my boyfriend (who also uses Bookzap) said; have you ever Google searched Bookzap? You might be surprised at the result. I said no and then tried it. I was shocked! Although I know that Bookzap has a huge following of thousands of friends and fans; not only on their main website, but also on their free blogcast and download website entitled, I found none of the positive reviews that I have written to be found in the Google Search. Also I found none of the many positive reviews from other delighted customers that regularly use Bookzap and Nostalgic-radio. All I found were negative attacks from competitors or people with ulterior motives on complaint sites like this one. So I contacted the customer service people at Bookzap and asked them why these attacks show up under the Bookzap name on Google? Where are the many positive reviews that I and others have written over the years? The customer service representative Tanya Rau said that they have discovered that negative reviews seem to be more highly rated in the Google search algo rhythm. So if someone goes on a forum and has good thing to say about Bookzap or other sites, these comments are difficult or even impossible to locate. However if someone goes on a complaint or attack site, and posts an unverified comment, said comment will show up on the top pages of the search engine and be either impossible or expensive to remove. I was very disappointed to hear that the Bookzap reputation was being misrepresented in the search engines under their brand name Bookzap and main search term. So I am now putting this comment on the complaint sites because those are the sites that seem to be noticed by Google and others. So since this is a complaint site my complaint is about the search engines. I thing they are imbalanced and need to be more fair in their ranking of comments and reviews. I think that there is a place for all types of comments and review without a bias toward the negative. Bookzap is one of the great treasures to be found online. They have been around for a long. The comments that are ranked highly by Google under their name are false and misleading.

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