Bud Clary Toyota of Yakima

Bud Clary Toyota of Yakima Review

Report Filed: Bud Clary Toyota of Yakima Buyer Beware- Bud Clarty Toyota of Yakima Union Gap Washington!!

Today was horrible. My husband and I have been looking for an AWD vehicle. I emailed the dealership with what we wanted to do. I received an email asking if I could bring my trade-in so they could value it but was certain that they had some vehicles in my budget. We drove 45 minutes and allowed the dealership to look at our trade. While they were assessing the trade, we explained what we were looking for. Payment $300-$350 trading our current vehicle that had a payoff. The salesperson stated that he had two vehicles that work with our trade and keep our payments in range. We took a test drive and told the salesperson that we wanted the vehicle. He take us in and writes up a credit application. We complete it thinking this is the final phase and we were ready for finance. Instead, he comes back with a worksheet that had down payment, trade in, payment, and sales amount. The sales price is higher than what he originally stated. The trade in was the lowest offer ever received on the vehicle. He then asks for money down and starts going through the motion. I again state that we told him what we wanted from start and proceeded to write the information back in the worksheet as discussed. My husband tried to be reasonable and go back through everything. However, we were both sitting there feeling betrayed. He left to talk to his manager. My husband looked at me and said that we needed to leave. He had never been so insulted or treated so poorly in his life. We were honest and disclosed everything upfront. We already had another car lot with a similar vehicle approved that is 3 hours away. We chose to shop local because they said that they could do what we needed for our budget. The dealership management team needs to fix this. Our credit was pulled by deceipt based off false information if management can’t fulfill what the salesperson offered before signing the credit application.

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