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Report Filed: Budget Equipment Scozak Construction EquipmentAuto Specialties of FloridaNeil Marcellino False Advertising of state of equipment Hollywood Florida!!

Neil MarcellinoIt is unfortunate how this criminal (Search his name) treats customers who have been trying to work with his company. They lead me along thinking there was going to be a resolution until I am outside of the bounds of any recourse through eBay. I have phone records and faxes that prove that I have been trying to resolve this shortly after I received the unit. Now I see from other Ripoff Scamss and police arrest reports that this is standard operating principles for him and his multiple company names. 1. Misrepresent on the Ad. 2. Pacify customer initially 3. Rip them off in the end.Here is their ad:100 % Work ready Reality: Emergency brake cord frayed. – Brakes do not stop vehicle – very unsafe!!Low Hours Only 1614 Reality: Hour meter is broken and it clear that this machine has been worked into the groundAll Brand New Tires: Reality: One has multiple cracks from severe weather exposure and one wheel will not hold air without a tubeFleet Maintained Rust Free Reality: Multiple rust areas that have simply been painted overI paid a hefty surcharge compared to other units available locally and on eBay. But I realize that I have been duped. I have no legal recourse through eBay or it’s protection program due to being strung along by this company and their associates. I am sickened to see that there are business owners like him.

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