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Report Filed: Burnside Car Company missell scam faulty police fraud Glasgow Glasgow!!

Please read this honest review before dealing with this company! Purchased a car from Dave, he was reluctant to sell to me as he didn’t like the car I was part exchanging, someone else had offered him a nicer car as a part ex, but was left hanging whilst they made their decision on the BMW we were both looking to purchase. From a business perspective I understand this, however the way it was explained to me was as if my car was trash, and would never sell. Eventually Dave sold the car from me, and took my car as a Part Ex. Sale went through and we were both happy. Dave explained to me at the time that he only had one key, but he would send another in the post the week after (still haven’t received it) and that the car came with a 6 month warranty (It didn’t) and I would receive the warranty pack in the post also (I never did) After 18 days the car developed a major fault, transmission failure, ABS failure, the dash lit up with warning lights. I phoned Dave and explained the situation, and said as a result, I would be handing the car back to him as it is faulty (well within my rights in the Sales of Goods Act) to which he replied with ‘No (swear word) way, you can take me to court, you’re not getting your money back’ not great after sales customer service in my opinion. He settled on getting the warranty company to fix my car, remember the 6 month warranty he claimed the car came with? He registered the warranty after I notified him of the fault, I phoned warrantywise the same day the fault occurred and they had no record of my car, my details or my VIN on their systems. To top it off, he only paid for a 3 month warranty. I took the car to a local garage where it received a number of fixes, multiple new parts needed (Please note that before this, I had already fixed parts of the car myself, for example, there were NO screws on the bottom of the bumper holding it up, so it was hanging down and dragging on the road, as a result, it is scratched badly and will need to be replaced) The garage phoned me and explained that the car was fixed, but the warranty company were only covering 1 part, 1!! And only 2 hours of labour. So I was left with a bill for the remainder, which I was infuriated about but it wasn’t the garages fault, so I paid it. To cut this part short, as I keep exceeding the limit, Dave has refused to pay the remainder, he can’t understand that the warranty have paid for part of the repairs and myself the other part. He has threatened police action against me attempting to ‘fraud his business’ so I am trying to resolve this issue externally now. All I can say about this company is, if you are looking for a good car, at a great price, they’re great, just as long as you never have any issues with it, as the after sales customer service is the worst I have ever experienced, and I will never buy from them again, and I would urge anyone who is spending this much money, to spend just a little bit more and buy privately, or from a reputable dealer, as once this company takes your money, they want nothing to do with you or the faulty car they’ve sold you.

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