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Report Filed: BusinessMax – A9*BusinessMax – vistaprint – ripoff $12.95 scam Internet!!

recently i purchased some business cards from a company called i was very pleased with my purchase and the price at which i paid for them thatw as until a month later i found an odd charge on my wifes bank account for $12.95 to a company referred to as A9*BusinessMax we investigated a little and using this site found out that the comapny was related to vistaprint and scamming people out of membership money for stuff they hadnt heard of so we called the bank and asked for some contact numbers and thay gave us 888 584 2217 i called this number only to be greated by an incredibly long wnded automated hotline eventually once i got through the hotline i eventually got to an operatorafter waiting nearly half an hour i spoke to a woman named Akima who repetidly claimed i had been sent an email and that the charges were explained on vistaprint’s site i asked for a refund and a cancelation of all future payments and to close the acount as we had no knowledge of this at all after a while she aggreed to do that and politely said good bye after giving me her name and confirmation code Michael Algonac, MichiganU.S.A.

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