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Stay away from the company Buyer Leads Blueprint. This company are ripoffs and scammers. They charge anywhere from $399-$999 one time fee depending when they feel like changing the price, it changes weekly. They advertise on Facebook for webinars for their product. The webinar describes how to use the product but not completly. YOu have to spend a month fee for IP’s and they request you purchase them from a comopany that they own as well. There is a $10-$20 fee a month for vanity IP’S. THey do not tell you this during the webinar, only after you open and pay for the program. Once you open the program there is NO refund. They are liars and misleading the public on their program. If I knew I had to make a monthly purchase for IP’s I would have not purchased their product. Like I said you find out more after you sign up and sign into the program. Their terms of service which is at the bottom and gray (hard to see) states once you sign up and use the software there is no refund. Their should be a refund since they are misleading the public and do not describe the product completely during the webinar. Don’t purchase this product, you can post and relist your own ads on craigslist for free. Avoid BuyerLeadsBlueprint at all costs. Avoid Bob Mangold and Paul Dunn. You can search for Bob Mangold and see how many others have posted complaints.

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