Capital Benefits Group

Capital Benefits Group Review

Report Filed: Capital Benefits Group ripoff fraud scam Plattsburg New York!!

CAPITAL VULTURES GROUP ….. Having already owed creditors thousands of dollars I never expected to receive a phone call from a credit card agency telling me I’ve been approved for a Visa/Mastercard with a limit of $5,000. Much like the first story I read from the woman in Texas, I also fell for the CAPITAL BENEFITS GROUP SCAM….Being spoken to respectively and intelligently by the vulture named Donna at first threw me off. I of course, like anyone else would, got my hopes up and started planning out the things I’d do once I received the card. The vulture Donna asked me if I still had either a checking or savings account active. At this time I didn’t due to bouncing checks to businesses so I told her no….she grunted and said, “Well you just blew it!!”” “”You’d better hurry up and get one and call me back!

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