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Report Filed: car spa They Ruined my 3 Week Old BRAND NEW TRUCK!!!! Virginia Beach Virginia!!

DO NOT GO HERE!!! There wash scratched my brand new 2015 black Tacoma. When I presented the problem to the manager Mike he told me that the brand new truck I bought had surface scratches when I bought it. In other words the truck that was inspected by the detail manager, the sales manager and myself was wrong. I stared at my new truck everyday and it was immaculate! I gave them a chance to fix the problem and the manager said it WOULD TAKE TOO MUCH TIME! Can u imagine my response? He said he would look at the tapes to see if the guy that had the hand brush in the beginning did anything that could have scratched it and call me. Like the car wash couldn’t have messed up or had dirt trapped in the brushes! I called there Corporate office and the service rep was blown away by what happened, but of course nothing resulted from it.Here was his email response:Hi Mr. Mangieri,I wanted to inform you that I was able to view the video of your car wash and saw that the tech only brushed the back window of your cab and the tailgate. The rest of the vehicle was just sprayed off. After sending in the pictures and speaking with my vice president about the report you called in, our decision remains the same, that we did not cause the scratches and will not take responsibility for them.Sincerelycid:[email protected]****Mike ManiniUnit GMCar SpaSo, they clearly won’t take accountability for there actions. Basically my 3 week old garage kept, 35000 dollar truck already had streaky classic automatic car wash surface scratches on it? The manager wouldn’t spend more then 45 seconds with me, wouldn’t take the time to try to buff out the surface scratches because he said it would take too much time, and then walked away from me because he said he had other customers. By the way, the last time I brought my 2011 Sonata there they screwed up and overfilled the oil by a quart almost blowing my engine and I have that documented by the dealer! 10 year customer, and I didn’t even get offered a refund! I will be notifying the Attorney General, the BBB, and will not stop until they fix the damage. I will also be starting a campaign so potential hardworking people will not be subjected to such a terrible company. The funniest part is that the manager said the car was buffed before. WOW, all new cars get polished and waxed when you buy them to get off the glue from the factory sheets. I worked at a new car dealership for 11 years!Once again DO NOT GO THERE!!!

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