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Car Tune Up Car Care Center Review

Report Filed: Car Tune Up Car Care Center Left cap off break fluid reservoir, did not tighten rear end differential, left it leaking, broke hubcap and would not admit to it Sarasota, Florida!!

I took my truck in to car tune up car care and had my breaks done and my rear differential greased. They broke one of my hubcaps and did not mention it, then the kid that did the work denied that he did it. He also left my break fluid reservoir overfilled and open, the cap was not even on when i looked under the hood. He said he never touched my reservoir. How do you do a break job without adding fluid? My rear end was dripping from the fill nut, it was so loose i tightened it with my finger before driving it back to the shop. He said it was not loose and he could not turn it with his fingers, so he asked me to try with an attitude and i unscrewed it with my fingers and he just walked away pissed off. Then after he was done fixing these issues he tells the boss it was not even leaking. The boss himself saw the drip coming from it. He only offered to get me a used hubcap and was not even apologetic. They just wanted me out of there………..Beware, do not go there!!!

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