CarMax- Duarte California

CarMax- Duarte California Review

Report Filed: CarMax- Duarte California car max rip off deal and reports… duarte, California!!

I bought 2005 nissian murano with 27,000 miles on Aug 29, 09 at $20,000 and crazy interest almost doubled up the price. i got the reports saying everything in this car was checked and has no problems, 5 days passed and everything false apart from this car. I visit the service dept of car max every ten days and on top of that i have to wait a week or so to get it fixed. car max cover only 30 days for your service incase car is needed. ten then ago car just die on me in the middle of the road i was heading out to the hospital my dad had bad accident and was in trauma…i called Duarte since it was too far from me they asked me to contact burbank, they cam tow the car and fixed it now i hear all kind of noises just driving on bumpy road. car max riped me off and i remember buying the car they make me sign a paper not to go through any lawyer for any problems. now i know why! my car has no coverage through car max its over 30 days and i do not know what to do. this car gave me problems more then my 1991 toyota, every problem this car has now its on me, talking to office manager Ben Quartez, telling him how tired im and im about to cry for all this trouble, all he had to say is contact burbank and see what they can do…

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