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Report Filed: Cashnet kenny spencer I received a call today November 26 2014 at 8 o’clock from a man named Kenny Spencer saying he was from cash net USA and he wanted to tell me that I was approved for a $10,000 loan long he asked for my name phone number address account number routing number social security number bank name and then he told me they will send me one hundred and sixty two dollars and then I will have to send them back a hundred fifty five dollars and he also asked him to buy a green dot card to send it back to him but I did not know that when I gave him all of that information he caught my chase bank and told them that I did not recognize a transaction so they put the money back into my account I thought the money came from him I went to my bank and put out the money I went to Rite Aid and bought a green dot and put the money on there and then sent the money to him now my bank is telling me that I am – money I am a disabled single mother and I only get paid once a month from SSI I don’t have that much money to give away I don’t have any money to give away for free this has really hurt my heart and stressed me out I feel used whoever Kenny Spencer is he’s the devil because you should not take advantage of people only demons do that He said that they are located everywhere Nationwide!!

today i reaceaved a call from a man named kenny spencer he told me that i was approved for a 10000 dollor he ased for my name accout num ss# adress phone number email city state and more i gave it all to him he called my bank. he told me he was gonna send me 162 and for me to get it out of my account get a green dot card and send it back to him. i did… he riped me off and came to find out he called my bank told them that i dont recignize a tansaction from last month thats how the money was put into my accout. now my account is negative. im on ssi and dont have money to give away. im so hurt

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