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Cellan diet pills Review

Report Filed: Cellan diet pills and coleanse I order a trial sample of both products for 4.95 each for postage and the following week they went into my account and took 79 euro from it without my permission so I called my bank to say I didn’t want anymore money taken from my account and was told by them I had signed up to a subscription service which I was not aware of. the bank said that there was nothing they could do this time but to send them an email cancelling the subscription and if they take any further money from my account the bank can get it back for me. I sent them email cancelling subscription and never got an answer back but the bank said that is ok Hollywood Internet!!

I signed up for a trial of cellan and Coleanse i was told I only needed to pay 4.95 for each of the items postage then a week or 2 later this company went in to my bank account without my permission and took 79 euro when I contacted the bank to find out where my money was I was told that there was nothing that they could do this time as I had signed up to a subscription service without realising so they told me to email the company straight away and cancel the subscription service and if they try to take anymore from my account they can get it back for me so i emailed them and told them I wanted to cancel the subscription and got no answer but the bank said that is ok as they dont need to respond once I keep a copy of email I would like my money fully refunded as this is a scam and your not being told that you are signing up to subscription service and then they take money from your account without your permission

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