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Report Filed: Certified Security Systems, Certified Security has an “automatic renewal” clause hidden in fine print Jacksonville, Florida!!

Certified Security has an automatic renewal clause hidden in the fine print on a hard-to-read contract. The salesperson will not mention it; in fact, will tell you that once you’ve paid off the figure that’s on your initial contract, you don’t have to keep up the monthly service. The Salesperson is lying. Even though you think you’ve paid off your contract and the mandatory 1-year contact, the company can choose to renew your contact without even telling you. They will start billing you again for monthly service, even up to two years or more after you think your initial contract is over. Try a phone call or a letter to Certified to ask why they’ve started billing you again — you’ll never receive an answer. They don’t want you to know about the 60-day cancellation in writing that you must send them; they just want to keep billing you. The Florida legislature needs to pass a bill to prohibit this kind of deceptive business practice, and put the power to choose back in the hands of the consumer. If you have been a victim of Certified Security or any other home security company which has an automatic renewal clause, you should contact your representative in the Florida legislature and tell them to enact a law against this sleazy practice.

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